Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Productivity vs British weather

I awoke.
Sun streaming through the curtains. 
A warm summers breeze floats through the open window and the dogs beady eyes fixate on me. 
She doesn't move just stares out the corner of her eyes at me so i can see the whites of her eyes. 

I refer to it as, "giving me the white eye" when she does this.

Despite the the thin curtains being drawn, I can still feel the morning sun creeping through, uplifting me, setting me on a good path for the day. 
I swing my legs out of bed and like a crazed woman, the dog flies at my ankles, then runs to the door, looking back at me as if to say,

"Come on! Get your arse downstairs and make me breakfast!"

I'm like a whippet this morning!

Dogs got breakfast, I've got breakfast. I'm pissing about winding up my other half as she drags her feet to the bathroom to get ready for work. 
Before I know it, I'm in the garden, I've cleaned the pond, I've mown both front and back gardens with just an edge strimmer, the garden is de-weeded, I've removed all the ivy from the front hedges, I've layed out the edging for my workshop base and half filled it with hardcore. 
I take a look at my phone. It's only 11am! 
I feel like Father Christmas. Maybe time slowed down as I did hundreds of jobs?

Now let's move onto today. The skies are grey, it's pouring down with rain and it's cold. 
I only just manage to get out of bed, I have breakfast and a shower.... It's 12 o'clock! Huh?! I go out and get lunch. I return and play a game and it's suddenly 2.30pm and I have to go to work!

It makes me realise why Americans are so over the top and happy all the time. 
Too much sun exposure! 
I wonder how successful I could be if it ever stops raining for a decent amount of time? 

"It can't rain all the time"
But it certainly tries!

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