Friday, 29 August 2014

Shed/workshop building problems

It's a while ago now I decided to buy a shed to give me a place to carve. 

The fiancé had pretty much reached her tolerance level of finding wood chips in her clothes, over furniture, in the bed....
I can't explain enough, just how carefully I used to carve over dust sheets or balance over bins, and I ensured I swept and hoovered any escapee chips that may have strayed. 

But it never seemed to make a blind bit of difference!

It became a common site to see bits of wood chips in unusual places, like in bowls within closed cupboards?!

So my old man and I looked at some sheds online. 
Seems that unless you pay well over a grand for them, they're tiny! 

Well, I'm sitting there trying to decide the best lay outs to make proper use of space and he comes up with the bright idea of building an 8 x 10' shed from scratch!
It sounds like a lot of work but he's an engineer so I assume it should go without hiccups.

Now, there was a fair few hiccups and it took a long time to build, but it all came together nicely in the end.

That was until the house we were living in, a house we were told we could buy, and was ready to buy, as it was it was originally my Nan's, was suddenly denied to us by the family and sold on the market. 

Yeah. Annoying!

So I had to dismantle the whole thing, buy a new house, transport it over there and leave it sitting in the new garden while we sort the place out and make it habitable.

Since then I haven't been able to keep away from the tools and have been making more mess in the kitchen again!

But finally we've got underway. A base has been dug and laid! 
Although the garden now looks like a building site.

And the dog is not happy being restricted to the small paved area while the concrete sets.

This should, in theory, be easy from here on out, as the shed is already built and we just need to screw it back together. 

But this being me, we've already cocked up, and we haven't got a single wall up yet! 

I'm sure I can paint over it, no one will notice! 

So I'm hoping, that by this time next week, the workshop will be fully operational again and I can get on with some wooden things for you all! 


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