Monday, 4 August 2014

The cursed acanthus guitar

Anyone that's been keeping up with the, somewhat slow and troublesome, progression of my guitar build, will know, it's been slow and troublesome! 

I put it down to a curse laid upon the tree long before it was chopped down. 
Some withered old hag with nothing better to do than to curse inanimate objects, so that they may one day cause unknown, and unrelated horrors and grievances to poor towns folk. 

As you may remember, this guitar has been smashed in half, fixed, half restored by a friend of mine, re-restored by me, I then had troubles with paint tarnishing it, so then it went into the dark recesses of my junk room, to then come out into the light recently, and be re-re-stored and a full finish applied.

And so I thought I beat the curse. All looking nice, just need to wire in the pots and the pickup.

Ok. So I have no experience in soldering but it doesn't look too hard and the wirings very simple, just one volume and one tone. 
I struggle with an old Pyrography pen I have at first. 
No luck. 
So I head on over to my brothers and borrow his soldering iron. 
It's fairly late, the lights are dim, I'm struggling with tiny pliers inside the back of this guitar, the iron isn't melting the solder properly. Tiny balls of solder are falling off and rolling around the inside of the guitar, I'm burning wires with the iron not realising.....

To say it was a disaster is an understatement! 

But eventually I get it all soldered together and I give it a quick test with the volume pot wired in. 
I'm getting sound! 
You have no idea how satisfying that is.
Reminds me of that American choppers show when they start the bikes for the first time. 

So with high hopes and an air of arrogance I head back and wire in the tone pot. 
All wired in now I give it one more check before I string it up.

No sound?!?

I'm gutted 

I jus stare at the guitar like I'm wishing that never happened and that I'll plug it in again and it works.

I actually do unplug it, and plug it back in. 
Nothing changed.

Disheartened I leave it where it lie and have a re think the next day.

The more I look at it, the more I do not want to remove all those wires and start again. So I've ordered a new capacitor, as the one I used was an old one I salvaged.

If this doesn't work I may be uploading a picture of my tears cascading down a troubled and haggard face, fingers blistered from continuous miss use of a soldering iron and the general air of disappointment.

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