Friday, 1 August 2014

Trip to London and a new announcement

I took a little R&R over the weekend with the other half, to visit our countries capital, London.

Yeah it was ok. 

Nice to get out, have an ice cream and take a trip on the London Eye. 

Despite some Germans pushing into the que half way down, then proceeding to ask "why" they should start at the back of the que like everyone else, when confronted by one of the staff! 

My fiancé looked at me with a confused look on her face and an open jaw at the brazenness of this guy as he then attempts to simply walk through this poor member of staff. He was eventually persuaded to actually go to the back of the line like a good little boy and the girlfriend and I decided to jump on the selfie band wagon!

I saw more people facing away from landmarks that day than actually looking at them!

So now I'm back to my day job, and scratching wood with metal implements in my spare time to create.... Art?.....Or.... some may call it an insult to their eyes?

Whatever the case, I've begun the new guitar! 

I'm sure you will all love it. 

I've continued with a natural leaf style, but this one is much bolder and incorporates some junk I found at a local shop in Margate, to give it a sort of 'steam punk' feel I guess.

This one is exciting me I must say, so please follow me on Facebook or Twitter or Wordpress or tumblr or Pinterest or Instagram........

And share share share, as I will be uploading a blog and pictures quite possibly tomorrow!

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