Tuesday, 30 September 2014

2 Day hangovers and scary power tools

Age creeps up on me and it's suddenly my Birthday. Feeling old, I drown my sorrows with extensive amounts of wine and food, resulting in a 2 day hangover, and wasted time I could of spent making chips fly!

I attach my 'Arbotech, woodcarver blade' to my angle grinder and begin shaping the garlic. 

This thing is a terrifying disc of fast moving bladed teeth, and makes an unholy amount of noise and mess, so to keep sweet with the neighbours, I only do a section here and there, and begin work on the other projects.

The headboard. 

It has only one edge to it, and not being a master restorer of furniture, I don't even contemplate attempting to match the colour and look of the remaining edge piece. 
Deciding that, if neither edge post match the board, but at least match each other, it will (hopefully) look symmetrical!
I set on the board with a hammer and chisel, and rip the edge off, ready for it's replacement.
I scrub it down numerous times with sugar soap, cut the edges to length and begin routing a channel through the centre to receive the panels. 
I hear a noise, and feel something hit me in my man area. 
After examination, I find the router bit had snapped, flew through the air and found it's destination in my crotch. 
More, extensive, examination begins around the baby maker....all safe.
Thank Christ for thick jeans!

I take a break from noise and lethal spinning blades and begin work on:
The shelf brackets. 

Cutting the brackets from scrap, on the bandsaw, I begin carving a simple design and unearth various woodworm holes that cut right through the carving. I come to the conclusion, the piece has a rustic look and the worm hole only offers more charm, so I continue on....only to hit an old, very dry and crumbly knot!
This leaves a giant and frustrating hole. 
I haven't time, with 3 projects going, to start matching wood and attempting to cut down, and glue in, a wooden plug to hide the hole, so I blend the carving into it. 

So far so good!

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