Friday, 19 September 2014

Designs, projects, feeling stupid and getting old

I have finally completed the glue up of the Garlic memorial piece! 

Scraping off dried glue with a cheap chisel, I decide to follow the manufacturers guidelines by putting on the, included, "safety" sheath; just for shits and giggles. 
The problem with them, is they have a small hole in the top, which enjoys allowing the chisel to slide up, over and into your finger! 

Sporting a fashionable beige plaster, I head on over to "That's Nice Furniture" in Canterbury. They're putting their trust in me, to create something out of some 150 year old broken furniture..... and I turn up with my t-shirt back to front!

All in all, my Birthday is going swimmingly! 

Luckily I notice my t-shirt, and quickly spin it around before anyone notices. 


Since then, everything's been going great for "CutMarks"! 
I've been given this beautiful piece of wood...

One edge is missing and the other wasn't in the best shape anyway, so I've already taken that off in order to cut and fit new edges. Now it'll just need a good scrub down, wax, a couple of repairs and fit the 2 new edges to create a truly unique headboard!

Second piece will be this aged plank.

Already sanded down to take out the scratches, I just need to hand carve, and fit two new decorative brackets from the remaining wood I have stocked. Then just a final sand and apply a finish.

These will be available to buy at once complete. 

I still have various pieces of this old cabinet to play around with, so look out for the odd clock and hand carved, art pieces.

Big thank you to all the Birthday wishes. 
I ate too much, drunk too much, and regretted it the day after. 

That's what Birthdays are for!


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Thank you 
Dean Marks

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