Thursday, 4 September 2014

Laziness, blog updates and project ideas

Ok, well it's been the laziest week I've ever had! 

Since my last post, the most I have done, is fill a few holes in the garden! 

The new guitar has taken residence on a dining room chair, untouched, unloved. I can almost hear it sobbing into it's own pickup cavities, asking what it's done to deserve such treatment, thinking I'm in the next room fooling around with another guitar while it sits at home all day alone with the dog. 
Or maybe it's just a block of wood on a chair that I haven't worked on for ages? 

You may have noticed though, that I've been playing around a little with the site. I now have links down the side to my facebook, YouTube, tumblr etc. There is also a follow by email button, a contact email for me and a page for anything I have for sale at any given time. At the minute, the acanthus leaf guitar is in there so take a look! 

In terms of home life, the shed should be up and complete this weekend, fingers crossed! It's not meant to rain, but, this is England...

Back to "cutmarks" stuff.
I want to upload more content for followers, but anyone who carves or whittles will know it's a slow process, and projects will inevitably be few and far between.
I've got a whittling series I have in mind. Simple step by step projects I'll post on here in written format and on YouTube, but if anyone has any suggestions on things I could cover, topics, 5 minute projects etc please let me know at


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