Thursday, 16 October 2014

Workshop leaks, finished projects and futures designs

Rain pours down, never ending! Standing in the workshop I start to see my roof darken, as water seeps in and begins to drip down onto the floor, I frantically move the projects to safe areas when I look up and see the front window and door also have water soaking in! 
But I was sure I sealed all gaps? I can't understand it.

The week draws on and just as much time is spent smearing various sealers all over the place, in a vain attempt to keep the place water tight, as has been, working to produce beautiful wooden creations! 

Taking the garlic into the house, I apply three coats of varnish to finish the piece off.

A simple oval plaque is created using the bandsaw and router, but having to rely on borrowing a printer to transfer the words, causes me to stop progress as I wait for the weekend to gain access.

My eyes glide to the headboard. There's so little left to do.
I must complete it!
With the new edges fit, mallet in hand, I hammer in dowels to secure them then sand them randomly to give a worn and well used look.

Two coats of stain and they're done with!
All that's left to do is grab my toothbrush and a hairdryer!

My beauty regime can take a seat, these are for scrubbing in, and melting in, beeswax!
I've played around with this technique before but I've never had results like this!
From grey, dull and lifeless to a sexy, deep chocolate brown!

The headboard goes in storage in my dining room, much to my finances dismay, and I begin designing the next projects.

Two cupboard doors will have mirrored tulips carved from oak and glued to the front to create a pair of very unique pictures/wall art. 

And this long scrap, I've already ripped some wood away to give a nice natural looking curve, will become a coat hook. Possibly with a mirror and some carving in the middle

Keep checking back here to find out how these two new projects progress, and to buy any of these items, please contact for pricing 


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Dean Marks

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