Wednesday, 24 December 2014

2014 Year roundup and thankyou

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope everyone is well and had a good year?

This will be my last blog of 2014, so a quick round up of this year and what is on the horizon for 2015 is in order!

I started “CutMarks” a long time ago, producing poor, over lengthy, and in some cases, unfinished whittling videos that no one watched, and I inevitably gave up on the whole idea and focused my efforts towards carving with chisels.
I then used my growing woodworking skills to create one of a kind pieces for local people. Each item would slowly grow my knowledge, ambition and abilities and I re-advertised “CutMarks” as a place to go, to request unique, commissioned wooden pieces.

Still with a lot to learn, I recently revisited the internet world, and decided to pimp my name around more by creating blogs, articles and written how to’s. This has seemed to work well, and in turn, has returned me to the YouTube world, where I’m slowly now creating better videos and contacts with woodworkers and learning a lot from them!

So a massive thank you to all my new followers, subscribers, people that have spoken to me and shared their woodworking “secrets”!

My top, projects this year?

First off, must be the move and re build of the workshop!

My first, fully finished, wired up, hand carved guitar!

My first attempt at reinventing and upcycling an old 150 year old, broken, woodworm damaged cupboard.

This big ol' Garlic!

This dog bowl, created from old pallet wood.

Finally, this website and some of the articles I’ve written for it!

For all the smaller projects and things I did/doing, follow me on Facebook, check out my Youtube channel and take a look at my portfolio page!

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What is on the horizon?

Bigger and better things!

I’m teaming up with an old friend to design and create much better guitars.
He is an amazing guitarist, and his knowledge on them far exceeds my own. So from a technical and visual point of view they should improve vastly! Additionally, with his help on the labour intensive aspects, such as wiring and clean up, my time won’t be consumed with the amount of work it takes to build a guitar, and I can continue producing how to’s, articles, and build videos for you all!

I have gained “permission” from Marvel to create build videos based on their franchise.
I use the air quotes as it’s not so much permission, but rather that they tell me it comes under “fair use” as long as the finished products are not sold. Armed with that knowledge, I can now happily create a vast array of fan build videos based on viewer’s preferences!

I have a whole list of unique ideas written down which will be made into build videos and will be available to purchase. I won’t give away all my plans though, so you’ll have to subscribe and keep your eyes peeled!

Of course I shall keep up with blogs and articles on here for those who like a read on their commutes or evenings with their feet up!

So with that, I wish you all a happy Christmas, a great New Year and I’ll see you on the other side!

Any suggestions, requests or ideas of what I should do next, how to improve the website and/or the YouTube channel, or just your "two pence". Please email me at or simply post something in the comments section below!

Dean Marks

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