Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Beauty and the beast Valentine's Day build, hand carved bellows andmore!

Pacing up and down the lounge with phone in hand, I have to push myself to make the call. 
What if something goes wrong? 
Could I live with myself knowing I was the one that made the call, made the decision? 
She may never forgive me?!

I know it's just the vets and she needs to be spayed for her own health.... but she's my little hairy girl! 

I put it down to age and my fatherly instincts starting to rear their head. 
So I make the call and get on with some projects of the wooden variety!

Working hard on my first collaborated guitar build, dust is flying, shapes are cut, everything looking great and in record time! Nothing can stop us surely?! 

Meet 'Time' and 'Commitments' 

The arch enemies of pretty much everyone on this planet. 
Finding spare time that coincides with each other proves to be difficult and work grinds to a halt. We are not yet defeated and will be back in the workshop as soon as possible!

In the mean time I set my sights to this weeks video build. I present...
The bellows!

I'm pretty happy with this build. It had a few snags here and there as all projects do, but ultimately it went pretty well and I've got a lot of use out of it already! Just in time for this cold weather!
CLICK HERE to watch the video and CLICK HERE to view the in depth, step by step, guide on how to build one for yourself!

Now that's completed, I have begun work on my Valentines Day project!

As you can probably tell I'm using clay as apposed to wood....blasphemy! 

I know I know, but making it out of wood was turning out to be trickier than I had first thought, and to be honest, I think using clay will look much better than using wood, even if I was a master carver! 
Not to fret though, as this will be the rose from Beauty And The Beast, and so will have a glass dome and a hand made, carved, wooden base. I gotta add some wood carving in there somewhere!

I just want to say a massive thankyou to all that take time to read my little blogs and articles and watch my youtube vids. It means a lot!


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Thank you 
Dean Marks


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