Tuesday, 3 February 2015

England's rain, new commissions and website improvements

Snow lightly flutters to the ground as we all sit in heated rooms, cosy and safe from the bitter cold, watching the beautiful dance of the snow flake turn slowly into a downpour of heavy rain.

Trying to be optimistic I listen to the soothing sounds of running water as rain overflows drainpipes, splashes down into muddy puddles and cake once clean walls in a brown and green slime.
Despite my best efforts I cannot escape the knowledge that in an hour I have to walk home in weather unsuitable for even ducks, in a coat that has as much water resistance as a sponge!

Home, and drying in front of the fire, the dog comes to sit by my side.
She has recovered well from her recent operation, but I’m pretty sure she’s milking the sympathy card as she looks up at me with her puppy dog eyes and lets out a long sigh.

The sky is overcast and the sun sets quickly. I don’t have enough light to continue my Beauty and The Beast project today, and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Frustrated, I work on the website and try to get it looking semi-professional.

All suggestions for improvements welcome in the comments below!

Just then I receive a message for a commission. Sounds like a great project, it will definitely test my build skills, but then I receive another request, and another! I’m excited to build these but I just wish I had more time than just a day here and there. To do this full, or even part time would be the dream, but for now I better work my butt off as I have this Beauty and The Beast rose to complete, a wedding cake stand to carve and I would like to start designing my fireplace surround to name a few!

With many cool and fun projects in the pipeline, keep checking back here, and on YouTube.

At least 2 of the upcoming projects are secrets for the clients and so if I go through a quiet patch, please forgive me and be patient, as I will not be able to reveal any of the build until the items have been handed over, for obvious reasons.


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