Wednesday, 18 February 2015

How to make the rose from Beauty and the Beast

The rose from Beauty and The Beast, an iconic object and a fantastic gift!

CLICK HERE to watch me create the entire piece in one, condensed, fun video!

Now let’s take a closer look at how to create that rose!

You will need:

Wire cutters
Polymer clay i.e. Fimo or sculpy
Standard oven

Take your wire.
I use garden wire, it’s not recommended as it has a plastic coating and will eventually be going in the oven. But…hey, I’ve never had any problems, so I’ll leave it to your judgement on what type of wire you use!

Remember to ensure you’re referencing the length of wire to the glass dome you are housing it in, and cut the wire to the required length.

This is fairly thick, but we need it as rigid as possible, so double it up and twist it.

When we picture the rose, we picture it as it’s seen mid-way through the movie, hunched and beginning to wilt. So let’s bend that rough ‘S’ shape into the wire.

The rose has two wilted leaves, just under half way up. I took a thinner wire, wound it around the stem for support, then fashioned two rough leaf shapes. They don’t have to be perfect as the wire is just acting as a skeleton, and the clay will give its detail.

Now for the fun part!
Take your clay. I used a glittery pink, but the choice of colour is yours.
Roll it into a ball and then flatten it out with your fingers, roughly into a flat circle.

Next, you just need to split the circle in two. You can use a knife, but I just tore it in two with my thumb nail as you won’t see that jagged edge.

Now simply take one half, and roll it into a loose cone.
Next, take the second half, and wrap it loosely around the first.

Simple right?!
Now just repeat these stages again and again, but from now on you won’t need to split the circle in half, just wrap it around ‘as is’.

Placement is entirely up to you. I made this rose quite open, but you can keep the petals closely wrapped, or you can splay and bend edges to add different effects.
Once you’re happy with your placement, you can add it to the wire and bake it in the oven using the clays guidelines. Once the clay is baked, there’s no going back, so make sure you’re happy with your design.

Once the clay has baked and cooled off, you’re ready to make the stem.

Take a blob of green clay and wrap it around the base of the flower. Smooth and blend joins with your finger, specialised clay tools or simply use what is lying around! You can use old lollipop sticks, knives, bent paper clips etc.
I then made 4 small triangles and placed them evenly under the flower head.

The last stages of this flower cannot really be taught. Simply slap on the clay, following your wire frame, and use your artistic flare to shape and detail the leaves and stem.
You will find a lot of lumps, bumps and fingerprints while you make this. A simple solution to tackle these is to rub a very small amount of vegetable oil over the clay. This will soften it and blend to a smooth finish.

Once you’re happy, back in the oven it goes and the rose is complete!

The final touch was to display it.

To give it the impression it was floating, I wrapped a single hair around the flower head, then secured it with some superglue on a small piece of tape to the ceiling of the glass dome.

And there you have it, a floating rose inside a glass dome!
Please only make this item for personal use as it will be copyrighted by Disney.

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