Monday, 23 March 2015

Updates and videos

Quite some time has passed since my last blog, so what's been happening in the CutMarks world? 
Visitors to my site may notice a few changes...
There is now a tab specifically for my videos, so you can now access all I do from the one website. 
My articles and how to's are now split, easier to see and better labeled.
There is a "support" tab. Remember, to support my work, you don't have to put any money in, just share and spread the word!
If you prefer the layout then get over there and follow me, as I am beginning to put some of my how to's on their website too!
Mainly though, I've been working on videos! Please go over to the video tab or straight to my YouTube Chanel and take a look! 
There's new carving overviews, experiments on drying green wood and fire hardening and an entry into Dominic Benders challenge tree, where the aim is to make something from a branch no bigger than yourself! I have also finished a big project that will be uploaded next month, so subscribe and keep an eye out!
This week I'm working on an antique hand plane. This will be far more than just restoring it, and may upset the traditionalists out there, but I'm excited! I will also begin my entry into the summers woodworking 2x4 challenge which simply has you create something from a 2x4. 
Lots of things to keep you going for a while, and there will be plenty more after that! 

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