Signs and lettering can look beautiful in natural wood, and can be made in a variety of different ways on a variety of different surfaces!
Choose from standard signs, engraving or adding something extra to your existing furniture.

Below is a rough price guide.

Cost of wood and any major prep work or shaping will be added to these prices. Call out fees may be applied if carving at a residence.
Bulk lettering/signs will result in lower cost per letter

Please E-mail me at deanscutmarks@gmail.com for an exact quote on your sign.

Deep carving using chisels (suitable for irregular or hard to reach surfaces and has a V grooved finish)
£3 per letter

Lettering using a router (suitable only for flat surfaces with no obstructions, leaves a shallow, flat depth)
£2 per letter

Small simple engraving using a V-tool or dremel (very shallow, simplistic)
50p per letter

Alternative lettering
Price Varies

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