Saturday, 13 September 2014

Workshop completion and new projects!

After a lazy week, last week, this week has been non stop!

The shed is now up and completed!

It was not without it's problems and took about 3 days to finish, due to time restraints, and parts not fitting as they should.
Failing to cut parts perfectly square when we first built it was our major downfall, and many parts were warped or swollen from sitting on the grass for months!

But the move has enabled me to rethink the layout within, and assign specific areas for things.

Wow does it make a difference!

If you see some of my old YouTube videos, I'm fighting for space and tripping over things, whereas now I could do an impromptu dance number without hitting anything!
Plus tools are easily accessible, but no one cares about that. We live for the dance!

The workshop could not have been completed at a better time.

I have a nail in one hand, and a hammer in the other.
Nails are going in all over the show. Tools are hung, placed and mounted.
As I'm putting the last of my tools in and admiring my sweet man cave, I get an email from a client.

I've not had a request for a long time, and I get one now.... just as I'm ready to start projects again...
It's an unusual piece and one of the biggest, "in the round" pieces I've ever done so I'm pretty excited.

But that's not all!

As I'm sourcing materials and figuring out a design, I get another email!
This one's from the guys at "That's Nice Furniture" in Canterbury.

Now, anyone that knows me, knows I'm a quiet guy and a lousy salesman, which is kind of a big problem for someone who is trying to make and sell items!
Add to that dilemma, that I have no real platform from which to sell from, short of ebay.
So their deal is;
They supply the wood, I create something, they sell it, we split the gold.

Hopefully this should open many other doors and partnerships, resulting in my skills improving and creating more eye candy, and of course, items for you guys to buy ;).

My first project will be to create something from some 150 year old French pine, so keep a look out for that!

So go visit "That's nice furniture", close to Canterbury City centre, or visit their website at as they sell some lovely stuff and soon to be lovelier stuff!


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Thank you
Dean Marks

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